2014  IDEA Design award, USA               Zoom Jet - EcoZoom, design for social impact GOLD Award

2014 Lápiz de Acero, Colombia                    Zoom Jet - EcoZoom, product design and sustainable design award

2012 CORE 77 Design Awards, USA          “Sustainable Sanitary Pads” Honorable Mention Design for Social Impact

2011 Proyecto Diseño, Colombia                  Work recognition “Outstanding Colombian Women Designers”

2008 IDEA Design award, USA                    Nike Triax 300, product design award

2008  Opus Design award, Japan                Caña-Flecha, conceptual design award

2007  Lápiz de Acero, Colombia                  Embrace, product design award

2004  Lápiz de Acero, Colombia                  Michael Kors SP05, fashion design award

2002  Anaya, Spain                                      Violeta, fashion design award



12/880300           Reusable Holder for Absorbent Material

12/880300           Magnetic Eyeglass Hinge| B.Robinson

USD613556         Baby Bowl & Plate and utensils| Playtex Inc.

20090313801      Oral Care | Colgate-Palmolive Co.

29/245,209          Toothbrush| Colgate-Palmolive Co.

20090248073      Baby Teething Device| Playtex Inc.

20090248074      Baby Pacifier| Playtex Inc.

20080208115      Manual Breast Pump| Playtex Inc.

29/307,034          Canister| Hawaiian Tropic.

20110095031      Cooking Vessel| WKI Holding Inc.

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